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Hallstatt, europe overseas pre-wedding @ Kiz & Wilson

很喜歡那淡淡的色調來配襯 Hallstatt 的美景

常常和客人說到世界文化遺產的地方有個極大的優勢是這個地方不會被消失、被拆掉 (除了天災以外…)

之後既可以重遊舊地, 回想自已影pre-wedding 時的情景, 又可以帶埋自己的小朋友去看看爸爸媽媽影pre-wedding 的地方

不像香港很多建築都 來也匆匆去也匆匆 😉




europe prewedding photos


europe-prewedding-photos-hallstatt3 europe-prewedding-photos-hallstatt4




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France pre-wedding photos

This is the last France pre-wedding photos we took for Chris and Karrance. We were coming back to city centre  after finishing a one day job. On the car we spotted this lovely wheat straw and decided to give it a try. The photo turned out to be lovely with sunset background.

這是當天pre-wedding photos 拍攝的最後一張照片, 當時架著車回城市, 我們沿途看見了這些wheat straw (中文唔知點叫) 便立即下車去影了! 上去這個圓圓大大的wheat straw 也不是件容易的事, 一來是圓型悄為郁動一下wheat straw 便會滾動 XD 二來它很高且小麥也挺扎人的, 好在Karrance 也是一個好玩得的女孩, 最後5分鐘便完成了拍攝! – Chris & Karrance pre-wedding



France pre-wedding photos for Chris and Karrance on a wheat straw field

France pre-wedding photos

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freya photography France pre-wedding tour

2014 8月法國pre-wedding tour Freya crew 將會去巴黎& 有全法國最靚城市之名稱o既水城Annecy!兩天package 可影兩個城市呢! 尚餘兩個名額!

Freya crew is going to Paris & the most beautiful town–Annecy, which is named as Venice in France, in August 2014. For 2 days packagae, you can go to these 2 cities! Just 2 quotas left.


For rate card and details, please contact:
Email: info@freyaphotography.hk
Tel: 3596 0913
Whatsapp: 6021 6853
Website: http://freyaphotography.hk/

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