Freya 2014 Europe Pre-wedding Photography Tour

我們的2014 5月pre-wedding tour快滿額了!8月的尚有空位,歡迎查詢!


Freya 的2014 5月、8月歐洲團已經成行! 可選1天或2天。我們會去奧地利(薩爾茨堡, 哈爾施塔特)、德國(法蘭克福,維爾茨堡,班貝格,羅騰堡,紐倫堡,慕尼黑)、法國(巴黎,里昂,阿納西)和意大利(威尼斯,佛羅倫薩,羅馬)歡迎隨時查 詢。



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    • Gigi
    • August 28, 2013
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    Hi Freya

    Can you please send me your rate card for next year’s overseas pre wedding? I m interested in going to Italy or Paris.

    Can I go to 2 places in Italy? Does it consider one day or 2 day? How long is a day of photo taking?


    • admin
    • August 28, 2013
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    Hi Gigi,

    Thanks for your inquiry! I have just sent you an email with rate card. Please check!

    Best regards,
    Freya Photography

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