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Salzburg pre-wedding photography

Salzburg pre-wedding photography is not so common for Hong Kong people, but it is this reason that led Freya’s team to bring our lovely clients to there.

Salzburg is actually a nice place to take pre-wedding photos. It is not only the birthplace of Mozart, but also one of the main scenes of the famous musical show “Sound of Music”. We can find many distinct landscape in Salzburg pre-wedding photography, compared with Paris & Prague. With the renowned Mirabell garden, the beautiful emerald river, the magnificent church, and giant golden ball, chessboard where the main plaza is located, the mountain top to take the birdview of Salzburg, and its famous shopping street full of European style, we can already spend one day to take Salzburg pre-wedding photos. Below are some of the Salzburg pre-wedding photos we take for Shadow and Sunny.


Salzburg pre-wedding photography 1 Salzburg pre-wedding photography 2 Salzburg pre-wedding photography  3

Salzburg pre-wedding photography 4 castle

Salzburg pre-wedding photos Castle for Sunny and Shadow

Salzburg pre-wedding photography mirabell garden

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