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我們提供一至兩天的歐洲Pre-wedding packages! 價錢好康& 親切 Very Happy 我們去的歐洲小城不但美麗可愛, 又不致有太多遊客和攝影團隊。

出發日期為9-11月, 歡迎查詢詳情。




We offer 1 or 2 days Europe pre-wedding photography packages with FRIENDLY prices! We go to superb but not so-packed-with-tourists towns of Wurzburg, Nuremburg, Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Hallstatt, Salzburg, Munich etc. Setting off date Sep-Nov 2013, feel free to inquire us for details

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Are they miniature-scale  models? Or a real scene?

Take a closer look! They were real photography taken during our trip in Europe in 2011 & 2012, places including UK, France, Spain, Germany, Austria & Czech.

I especially love the bull fighting arena in Madrid. (though I kind of against it )

mini spain2

mini spain1

mini spain

mini prague

mini prague 1

mini spain


mini oxford

mini germany

mini france

mini cezch

mini austria4

mini austria

mini austria

mini austria1



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Freya photographysports03 Freya photographysports05

Freya photographysports06

\Freya photographysports02

rugby – sports photography

Being a rugby lover for many years, HK Sevens is a must-see magnificent sports event for me. Sadly I couldn’t participate in this carnival this year!

Rugby action is fast and furious, which catches your mind during the tense atmosphere. So when it comes to photo editing for athletics, I usually make them more masculine and rough, showing their power and physical strength.


Taken at HK Football Union, King’s Park, Feb 2013



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