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reya o既每一本album都係用心tailor-made 🙂 Album一本為40頁, 2 days overseas pre-wedding 有包括Album 我們的prewedding package包括一本硬皮album,20×30″ 油畫及DVD boxset一套。

We tailor-made every album for every client. There are 40 pages in each album. For 2-day overseas pre-wedding, there are 2 albums. Our prewedding package includes one hardcover album, one 20×30″ canvas and one DVD boxset.

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Aggie 話自己唔識擺pose, 其實唔洗太擔心架!
好多人都係第一次影pre-wedding, 真係冇咩經驗,攝影師會叫佢地盡量傾下計, 講下笑, 咁樣出到黎係最自然的!

一開始影因為未Warm up 所以有d 生硬, 其實出到黎其實個效果係OK 的^^

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aggie front slider


aggie grass


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rugby – sports photography

Being a rugby lover for many years, HK Sevens is a must-see magnificent sports event for me. Sadly I couldn’t participate in this carnival this year!

Rugby action is fast and furious, which catches your mind during the tense atmosphere. So when it comes to photo editing for athletics, I usually make them more masculine and rough, showing their power and physical strength.


Taken at HK Football Union, King’s Park, Feb 2013



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