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4 easy steps to add Freya Photography to your home screen(smart phones, Ipad, Note etc…), so you can always get the latest updates! 🙂

1. Open:

照片 2

2. Click on the Arrow


3. Choose Add Freya Photography to Home Screen

home screen2

4. Done! 😀

home screen 3


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大理石其實是很好拍攝的地方, 可製造倒影和空間感。
Love shooting at the marble floor where reflections are great!






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It was raining whole day during the pre-wedding photo shooting. Because of raining, we could only go indoors, and when the rain stopped, we went outdoors immediately! We rushed to Galaxy to shoot the pool side & swirl stairs, while I found there is a magnificent lobby. When I was shooting at the lobby, some people came out of the elevator, and I was stunned how great the elevator was!

So I told Cody & Bart to dash inside the elevator! It was not so easy to shoot inside the elevator, since the space is very small, and the elevaotr closed after 5 seconds, so I needed to grab my time!

It was so funny to photo-shoot inside the elevator though!

The elevator was closing now!


Retouched photo:



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