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Austria Dachstein 為奧地利最高之山峰, 上到3千多米的山頂真有居高臨下的感覺,

時而五月, 這個阿爾卑斯山領都被白暟暟的雪覆蓋豈,  卻一點兒也沒有感到寒冷

據說天朗氣清時可以看見瑞士, 意大利北面的山領

1. 上山去了



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Sai Kung is a very big place with lots of natural scenery. The weather was sunny with strong ray of sun that day. I especially love the golden ray of sun penetrating to their faces.

It was a lovely evening. 🙂

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It was long time ago when we took pictures for Karen & Paul in Nam Sang Wai(南生圍). Nam Sang Wai(南生圍) is a treaure of nature, situated near Mai Po, with lots of migrated birds living there.

The reeds & the little pier are also famous there. People love shooting in the reed sea & beside the pond.


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