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追夢的過程是漫長的,我常以”What’s next?” 來督促自己做得更好,期望往後給大家看見更捧的作品!

相片攝於巴黎 (2011年5月)



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Hallstatt is a place you would never forget after going there

Blue sky, snow mountains, simple lifestyle…

Because of the superb air quality, photos turn out to be very good and I don’t need to retouch photos at all.

This is definitely a good place to go for shooting pre-wedding photography , honeymoon or a run-away from hectic city

After going to many places in Europe, Hallstatt still rHallstatt 120517IMG_4382 120517IMG_3964 120518IMG_4718 120517IMG_4023 120517IMG_4005anks the number one in my heart.

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