Studio pre-wedding photos@Shadow & Sunny

Studio pre-wedding photos@Shadow & Sunny

影studio影唔少, 今次都係第一次新人帶埋佢地o既貓貓黎studio 呀~! Shadow 仲為佢地悉心打扮, 一對貓新人Sugar & Burger 仲有打bowtie 同 頭紗! 話時詰同寵物影相都要d 技巧架, 特別係貓貓, 因為佢地好鐘意訓覺, 所以影相就要把握黃金時間!

studio-prewedding-photos-hk-pet5 studio-prewedding-photos-pet1 studio-prewedding-photos-hk-pet3 studio-prewedding-photos-hk-pet

studio-prewedding-photos-hk-pet4 studio-prewedding-photos-hk-pet2

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