France pre-wedding photos

France pre-wedding photos

This is the last France pre-wedding photos we took for Chris and Karrance. We were coming back to city centre  after finishing a one day job. On the car we spotted this lovely wheat straw and decided to give it a try. The photo turned out to be lovely with sunset background.

這是當天pre-wedding photos 拍攝的最後一張照片, 當時架著車回城市, 我們沿途看見了這些wheat straw (中文唔知點叫) 便立即下車去影了! 上去這個圓圓大大的wheat straw 也不是件容易的事, 一來是圓型悄為郁動一下wheat straw 便會滾動 XD 二來它很高且小麥也挺扎人的, 好在Karrance 也是一個好玩得的女孩, 最後5分鐘便完成了拍攝! – Chris & Karrance pre-wedding



France pre-wedding photos for Chris and Karrance on a wheat straw field

France pre-wedding photos

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