Wurzburg (Germany) Pre-wedding photography 2015

pre-wedding photography in Germany

Wurzburg Germany pre-wedding photos

 Germany pre-wedding photo shooting 2015

Wurzburg (符茲堡) 是德國羅曼蒂克大道的起點, 有宏偉的巴洛克式的主教宮和華麗的後花園, 也有位於山坡上的瑪麗恩堡要塞,登上要塞可拍到符茲堡的全景照。
我們會於2015年5月前往這個羅曼蒂克大道的起點, 只辨一次, 詳細&Rate card 請電郵Info@freyaphotography.hk 或 whatsapp 60216853
Wurzburg is the beginning of The Romantic Road in Germany. Having the magnificent baroque Residenz and its beautiful garden, as well as the medieval fortress where we can take bird-view photos on top of it , Wurzburg is an ideal place to take pre-wedding photos if you like baroque architecture, European style garden and street views. Don’t miss the chance as we will go once in May 2015. For rate card and details, please contact us at Info@freyaphotography.hk or whatsapp 60216853.

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